Ajza Sanat Sepahan is a fully experienced and well-known manufacturer of all types of industrial drums and pulleys for various conveyor systems and can provide them in the earliest time with the best quality according to the customers need.

Pulleys are designed and manufactured based on the conveyor capacity, belt trailing , conveyor width according to global standards such as DIN, ISO, JIS, CEMA in our company and all necessary tests including NDT/ DT as well as the material analysis are performed during the production process and valid certificates will be issued for clients. Performance guarantee test and warranty will be provided for all our products in order to make our clients sure about the quality assurance.

Industrial drums and pulleys production process

Ajza Sanat Sepahan Take up pulley

Take up pulley

Strap stretch adjustment

Ajza Sanat Sepahan Special pulley

Special drum/Special pulley

Drum/Pulley with special application
Drive pulley Ajza sanat Sepahan

Drive drum/Drive pulley

Creating a driving force on the belt
Ajza Sanat Sephan Bend pulley

Bend drum / Bend pulley

Create redirection

Ajza Sanat Sephan Snub pulley

Snub pulley

To increase the level of the belt contact to the drive pulley
Ajza Sanat Sephan tail pulley

Tail pulley

For the end of the conveyor